Meet Gali Gurion, Jewish-Israeli delegation

Hi, my name is Gali Gurion. I’m a 16 years old, curly haired girl who lives in Nofit- which is a kind of like a very small town (Yishuv). I have a lot of things that I like to do in my free time, like meeting my friends, watching TV series, stitching, surfing online and going to the beach. One of the main things that characterize me is that I’m very connected to my family, I love spending time with them, especially with my nephew and niece. In addition, I like acting very much. That is why I chose theater as one of my major subjects in school. The other major that I have been learning is social sciences (psychology, sociology).
The main reason that I wanted to take part here is to do something meaningful, to make new friends through the different cultures and countries and to have fun. I hope to experience all of that and to explore my opinions about several subjects. I think that I will contribute to the peacecamp my opinions and ideas about our world, but mainly I hope to bring with me a lot of smiles :-)

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Meet Eliya Lavi, Jewish-Israeli delegation

My name is Eliya Lavi and I’m from Israel. I live in Nofit, which is something between Kibbutz and a city- little town which is located in the north.
In my free time I like to write, Listen to music and sometimes to go online or look at social media. Another thing I like to do is to hang out with my friends and to walk with my dog- Shuki. At school my majors are art and mechatronics, both I enjoy a lot.
I try to make my life interesting and full of different experiences and activities, this is one reason why I would like to join this peace camp. Since I’v heard about this delegation (4 grade) I’v been wanting to go- hoping to learn different things, meet new people and hear about their story and way of thinking.
I consider myself a creative, friendly and open mind girl, therefore I think that together with my knowledge and point of view I will contribute a lot to the peace camp. I’m very excited to expand my world and look forward to start.

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Meet Hila Koren, Jewish-Israeli delegation

My name is Hila Koren, I'm 15 years old. I live in a small place called Kibutz Usha with my two younger sisters and my parents. My majors are chemistry and theater, in my spare time I like drawing, painting, photography, reading, horse riding, and my habit is MMA and self defense training. I also realy llike traveling and my dream is to travel the world, even though I have never been to a different country than Israel.

The first time I heard about the delegation was three years ago from my cousin who participated three years ago. After he told me about his amazing experiences there, I wanted to take part at the delegation myself. Ijoind the delegation to have experiences of my own, meet new people from deferent cultures and see their point of view.

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