Sunday, 4. February 2018
Meet Evelyn Böhmer-Laufer, your host4peace

I am Evelyn, "the inventor" of the peacecamp project.
I believe in peaceful coexistence and solidary cooperation of people, nations and religions.
I am a daughter of survivors of the Shoah and believe in the necessity of a state for the Jewish people in the land of Palestine. This state must of course peacefully and democratically coexist with a free, autonomous and democratic Palestinian state within clearly defined borders for both, Israel as Palestine.
I am convinced that both, Jews and Arabs, have a lot in common: They share their love and their bond with the land Palestine – the historic and actual land and homeland of both people.
I believe in compromise as a road to peace.
The countries of Europe, torn apart and entangled in horrible wars during many decades, have finally put an end to warfare and bloodshed and are now united in a shared peace project: the European Union. No more bloodshed, no iron curtain between them and instead, joined endeavours to peace, prosperity and mutual support between the different nations.
I believe in the creativity, the power and the flow of positive energy of youth and am sure that they are willing and able to cope with the problems of their region and their time.
I therefore invite you, teenagers of different religions, countries and nations to meet, debate and exchange your ideas about how to create peaceful solutions for the obstacles to peace of your respective countries.
I am certain that you will love the beautiful landscape within which your encounter will take place, that you will enjoy the experience of meeting new people and that you will be surprised about meeting somebody new inside yourself.