Thursday, 1. March 2018
Meet Judit Fegyó, Austrian delegation

Hey, I am Judit Fegyó. I am 17 years old and I am living in Vienna with my family, which consists of my younger brother, my mother and my father. I also have an older sister who already moved out, is a mother and is getting married. Although I was born in Vienna, I am Hungarian just like my whole family. We travel to Hungary every weekend in order to visit my family or just to get away from the capital city because we are living in a small town near Budapest. My brother and I grew up bilingual, hence us moving between Hungary and Austria quite often and I also went to kindergarden and school in both countries. My hobbies include studying languages, binge-watching series, listening to music and reading a lot – I am well known for taking a book with me literally everywhere.
I wanted to participate in this year´s peacecamp because when my grandmother was a teenager she participated in a project similar to this one and she still tells me the stories about the camp and the community that developed that summer. I am also very interested in history and politics and in experiencing new cultures and lifestyles of people from other countries.