Sunday, 25. March 2018
Meet Lilla Csörgő, Hungarian delegation

My name is Lilla Csörgő and I’m 18 years old.
I have a 25 years old sister, a dog named Roxy and a rabbit named Füles.
I play volleyball and i’m the captain of our school team. I love horseriding too I have done it since I was 8. I also like listening to music, my favorite bands are Greenday, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons. I like reading as well, my favourite kind of novels are crime stories and fantasy. Sometimes I read horror stories as well. My idol is David Attenborough. I usually read everything he publishes and I have seen all the episodes of The Blue planet and The Planet earth series. :D
I would like to be a participant of Peace Camp 2018 because i think it is a great way to develop my language skills and to get to know new people and cultures all around the world. I also like to travel abroad. :-)
This is me and my favorite horse who is not my horse:-)