Thursday, 29. March 2018
Meet Fahim Khamaisy, Palestinian delegation from Israel

Hey, I am fahim khamaisee . I am 16 years old and I am from Kfar Kana (next to Nazareth).
I love to play video games of all types like fortnite, god of war and forza horizon. Also I love to watch movies, TV shows on netflix, such as supernutal, rick and mortie and death note ...
I forget to add that I am a huge fan of the avengers and i am hardly witing for their new movie avengers infinte war (the coolset name ever)
I wanted to come to the peacecamp to know the other side as friends not as enimies . I love peace and friendship so much and I am ready to work so hard to make them in action .
Looking forward to the peacecamp I‘ve become so excited to meet you all.