Thursday, 29. March 2018
Meet Taima Swidan, Palestinian delegation from Israel

I am Taimaa Sweedan, a 16 years old Arabian girl who lives and studies in Nazareth, Israel. our family includes two brother and I.
A doctor-to-be student and a married brother who has sweet twins . I love swimming, running,playing piano, changing lives, taking photos, making adventures and hiking in the nature.
I had the chance to practice what I want and what makes me a better person in my beautiful city. and for that reason i believe that peace can make people better and to let them focus on their abilities instead of their sorrows in wars.
As a person who loves to share his thoughts and at the same time to hear other stories I believe that the peace camp will help me to take actions and to participate in discussions about our situation as arab citizens in Israel and to always bring peace to my country