Saturday, 31. March 2018
Meet Noa Muck, Austrian delegation

Hi! My Name is Noa Fernández Muck, I come from a small village from Andalucia, Spain. I am 16 years old and I've been living in Vienna for two and a half years. My parents moved here to give my sister and me the oportuinity to study the language and a have a good future since in Spain there are not many opportunities for young people to have a job. My Hobbys are reading (I love fantasy books), listening to music (like rap, rock and KPOP. My favorites groups are Thirthy Seconds to Mars and BTS), watching series and I like to dance although I'm not very good on it. In the Future I want to study Law career to contribute to a fairer world. Now I'm interested in philosophy and I like to speak about politics.
I want to be in this projekt because I love to know about differet cultures and I find it so important. I would like to meet new people and make new friends at the peacecamp. I am very interested in talking about issues that I really find important and I think this a good chance to improve my English skills.