Saturday, 31. March 2018
Meet Candela Muck, Austrian delegation

My name is Candela Fernández Muck and I was born in 12.04.2003, witch means that i am 14 years old :) I come from a little village that is situed in the south of Spain, but three years ago I moved with my parents and my sister that is older than me to Vienna.
I love to watch korean and japanese (animes) series. My favorite “anime” is Haikyuu and my favorite korean serie is “ Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”.
I like almost every type of music but the music that i listen and like the most is k-pop and my favorite k-pop group is BTS.
Normally I just read “mangas” or “manhwas”, but now I am reading the books from shadow hunters, and I love them!
I'm really happy to be a part of the peacecamp18 because i think is really important to talk about the problems that some people have in their land and how to solve them wothout violence. I also would like to go because normally I don't like to share my opinions and I would love to change that.
I hope that we can understand us very well and that we have a grate time in the peacecamp18!! :)