Wednesday, 25. April 2018
Meet Lukas Hauptfeld, Workshop Art&Outdoor4peace

Hey Everybody!
My name is Lukas Hauptfeld and i´ll be doing the Art4Peace-Workshops together with AnnPhie. I am 29 years old, a musician and a Student of Medicine, who is (hopefully) soon going to finish his studies. To be honest, I hate to write these little "Hi, my name is..."-texts, because I never know what to say.
I am Really looking forward to meeting you all, peacecamp is about the peacecampers, about giving your best in unbelievably hard situations, and mostly - even though it sounds super-cheesy - friendship... aaaawwwww.
Together, AnnPhie and I will send you through Team exercises, play games, act and, if you want to, make some noise aka music together. Our goal will be to help you act and react to each other, and to make you work together under stress.
I am already excited to participate in waht will be my 5th peacecamp.
See you there!